Miramontes Books
Authors - Art, Arturo & Wilma Miramontes
Illustrator - Arturo Miramontes
2nd Book - Knight 

The Young Knight and The Golden Sword
by Wilma I. Miramontes, Arturo J. Miramontes and Art J. Miramontes

Age Group: 2nd grade and up.

Book Description: This is a hard-covered Children's book written in a style of the classic fairytales.  It contains (25) colorful pages, fully illustrated as well as a bonus page with lesson tips/guide for parents and teachers.  This can be used for validating reading comprehension.   


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Inspiration For Our New Book
This story focuses on courage, loyalty, and the true meaning of friendship. These are traits that we must all find within ourselves to overcome adversity. The young knight has to find the courage to overcome his fear of the three-headed dragon in order to save the young princess.

Knight Story