Miramontes Books
Authors - Art, Arturo & Wilma Miramontes
Illustrator - Arturo Miramontes
Authors & Illustrator 

Art J. Miramontes- Art is a manufacturing executive that has developed a talent for creating children's short stories. Art is very passionate about education, more specifically about reading.  He and his son, Arturo have toured Elementary schools inspiring and motivating kids to be the best they can be.  If you would like a presentation at your school, please send him a message at:  miramontes.books1@yahoo.com.   Please visit the site!


Arturo J. Miramontes -  Arturo is an Honors student in his fourth year at San Jose State University majoring in Animation/Illustration, and minoring in Music. He has an incredible talent for developing colorful kid-friendly illustrations. Besides his interest with children's books, he has a passion for creating his own unique style creating comic book characters.  As a role model, Arturo has touched and inspired the lives of many kids with his incredible drawing skills, but more importantly with his excellent academic achievements. 

Wilma I. Miramontes- Wilma is a published author.  Her most notable work is a collection of children short stories in Spanish called, "Carrousel De Fantasia".  She graduated from La Universidad Del Sagrado Corazon, in Santurce, Puerto Rico where she majored in Communications with emphasis in Journalism.  She also did her graduate work at San Diego State University in Spanish Literature.  Her many years of teaching experience as a Spanish Teacher has made her an excellent resource and consultant for the family.  Wilma currently works as a professional translator.  She resides in Katy, Texas.